Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hood Build - Week 35/37

Time for the latest update and again I have found myself 3 weeks in arrears, not a problem as it turns out. Issue 35 introduces us to some metal work (brass etching). I found it odd they have given us some P/E (photo-etch) now rather than complete the hull, but on looking over what is left to do on the hull it does make sense as the quarterdeck planks right up, which means we need to finish part of the deck below the shelter deck.

I've done my own thing on some of the brass work so don't think you have to follow, it works for me but it may not work for you. I want to find the easiest way to do certain jobs so making bespoke tools for the job is for me part of the hobby. You'll also notice I've changed the way the pictures look, I think it works well, I can get more in and it look good as well. As I write this update I've received Issue 38, more P/E and moving further towards the bow of the ship, it also uses parts from Issue 35 (doors), bit of bending this time.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Hood Build - Week 29/34

Part 2 -
I've spent all week after work and this long weekend to finish the second say I'm relived is an understatement, I'll spent some time carefully sanding and shaping the hull over the next few days. Part 1 of the planking was on the starboard side, I'll now continue on the port side of the hull. I've approached this in a different way from the magazine and I personally think its the better way. I was working up till 10pm last night so the picture came out a little yellow, so I've adjusted them in Photoshop, that's why they look a little washed out.

Also a new graphic for each week (trying to keep things fresh) showing a percentage bar and figure in % of where we are on the build. The figure is based on a percentage of 140 (Issues) and the bar may not be totally accurate, it's only for a quick visual guide to the progress of my build/Issues.