Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Deck Arrangements

I've been working on this for some time as a little project that may be of use at least as a back up in case Hachette miss or incorrectly position items on this deck. I'm hoping as I'm sure most of you are they succeed in doing a good job (so far they have).
Please remember I may have certain things wrong, if that is the case then please post below and I will endeavour to correct it, hopefully we can all pull our resources and figure out what goes where correctly.
I have used the many books available plus the HMS Hood Association web site, many hundreds of photo's and the many hundreds of absolutely brilliant models...too many to list here. As the document tell's 'not to scale' is important, they are for position only.
Again I am no expert but by doing this I can get a good idea of how things work and why they are there and what they lead to, hopefully you'll find this interesting if not informative and an addition to help build this superb model.

I have found picture's of this enclosed area of the ship hard to come by but if you have a source or know of any information that can help re-create our model with as close to the way she looked in May 1941 would be of great help and interest.

click to view the larger image

Monday, 4 June 2012

Hood Build - Week 38/39

Another 2 week update and I'm fully up-to date with the Issues, I'm hoping this weeks wont be too late due to the long bank holiday.
I've finished the porthole 'eyebrows' and I really happy with them, you wont see that much but at least it works.
There's a fair bit of bending to do this week so taking your time and dry fitting again is the way to go. Also make sure you prepare not only the brass for gluing but the wood that is taking the P/E.

I've been working on a plan of this deck area and the other items we are likely to get before the roof goes on. I'll spend a few more week on it before posting the plan here but you can expect to add various size's of Hawser reel's (some of which are on Issue 39's fret), A few hatches, deck lockers and ventilation trucks, some may not come in the magazine but are there, so some scratching to do.