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As I progress slowly through this massive build of nearly 3 years I seem to be searching the net for other fellow builders doing the same model (scale), what I plan to do in this post is to link what I consider to be the most helpful, informative and just plain brilliant.
I think this will be updated over time, so if your site, blog or forum is not here that’s probably because I’ve not found you yet. Just to mention these are my personally favourites and in no particular order, and not the be all and end all.
Apart from being THE best Hood reference's web site it also has a forum and a facebook page, not the most busiest forum I've seen but maybe folk are not aware of it, hopefully they are now, they have 4 sub forums, General Discussion, Technical &Specifications, Crew-Related Matters and Scale Models and Miniatures.  A welcoming bunch of people.  HMS Hood Forum 

A brilliant blog showing Evert-Jan Foeth's travels on rebuilding and modding the 1:350 plastic kit HMS Hood. Some wonderful ideas and amazing small scale work, no doubt this will continue to grow into probably the best and most accurate model out there, I would recommend a visit.  On The Slipway 

Partwork Model Forum has been around for some time and the amount of  topic's show, from the many Partwork of Titanic to Tiger Tank and now right up to date with HMS Hood, just spending a few minutes here you can clearly see there are some very talented modellers here. With group build's, non Partwork projects to hints and tips for just about everything model related, well worth bookmarking for some inspiration. Partwork Model Forum

I discovered this forum only a few months back and found the quality just staggering, some of the scratch builds just leave me totally amazed, if they are not inspiring then nothing is, for example have a look at the scratch-built HMS Iron Duke by 'ARH', I still revert to this build log for ideas, and maybe I should post a before and after shot..with his permission of course. So you see this place is again very different from the other's, and so much can be learnt here, very friendly people of all levels, give yourself a treat, go give them a visit.

As with the newly released HMS Hood, 3 years ago Hachette released 'Build The Bismarck', 140 issues to build a wonderfully BIG model of the famous German battleship that decided the fate of HMS Hood, this build log clearly shows you what you get with each Issue and what was done with that particular part, very clearly shown. This partworks no longer runs but by linking it here will give the moddler a chance to see just what will be involved in the HMS Hood build, same company, similar procedure..perhaps? Also if you going down the R/C route then again this is a good place to give you some idea of how Hachette could supply the Hood build. Build The Bismarck

This is from the same guy (Mark) who produced the Build The Bismark page, as the partworks has only just started not much has been added, but give it time he will post picture and good advice on building a great model. Build The Hood

Some old mates of mine last year I think it was set this forum up to show their wonderful model ship builds, not warships but 18th & 19th Century sailing ships, from HMS Victory to Cutty Sark and beyond, it's all here, plenty of advice and friendly banter, paper models also feature. Jolly Roger Shipyard

Next up is a few site's that have to been seen, some are Hood related, some are Bismarck related, but what they provide is total inspiration again. I'd be a fool to leave them out, I will add more as I find them.

Fleetscale 1/144 scale HMS Hood on the RC forum, just an brilliant build by Dunc2504.

Build The Bismark and other Models or Partworks forum show some superb diary's and loads of advice for your 1.200 Bismarck needs, Swanrails mods and Tips are worth it alone.

Only found this today, a German forum thread on the making of a 1/100 scale model of Bismarck..out of card!! I will hopefully ask permission to show some picture's soon, but in the meantime just feast your eyes on this.

Again I just by chance discover a Korean blog that has me totally blown away, once you see it you will understand, unfortunately the Google translate is not very good but what I know is Thomas is just a normal bloke making models..yeah right..I wont ruin it for you but just to say everything is made from wood, 100%, the hull was one large piece of timber, the scale is 1/200. I hope to do a small topic on this IF I can get hold of Thomas and ask his permission, should be interesting.

The Small Print
As with most blogs opinions differ, this is no different, these are my thoughts, suggestions and ideas, you can follow them if you want or choose not to. If you think I’ve made a mistake and feel the need to contact me then leave a comment. I will try to contact anyone who has pictures or text that I use on this blog for permission to use it here, if for whatever reason I can’t contact you/them I will mention where I got the pictures/text from and hopefully cover the copyright ground...I’m no expert at this, I’m just a keen modeller.

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