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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hood Build - Week 6

An early diary entry this week as I have 9 days off work, I got Issue 6 this morning and the first thing I notice on the front cover is HMS Renown firing a salvo..nice. Not a great deal to glue away from the model this week as it adding to what we already have, so if your like me only dry fitting then this will be quite quick, I was hoping this week I could get a better idea of where the stern would end but it still needs more adding to it and I don't want to jump ahead and fix it down on the build board just yet.

Continuing to trace the parts from each issue gives me some options and for my other project, that I might add is sometime off...I have started and I WILL FINISH..:)

All the parts carefully cut out from the ply fret and marked, sanded and checked, the fret as a whole was a little warped but nothing really to worry about.

Work begins at the stern, following the magazine instruction, pretty basic but if your gluing now then do make sure you have something to check it square and true, but always...test fit first (dry fit).

Overhead picture showing the support plate 19, make sure it fit up against the frame, this joins/supports keel parts 10 & 15, but you knew that if you have the magazine.

Beam 21 just laid in place with the crossbars sitting in position, no glue at this time still.

Be aware of where these crossbars sit in beam 17a as shown in part 8 of the magazine instruction, it's easy to make these mistake so test fit all the time before gluing.

We move onto the other end, towards the bow, as the instructions do not discuss build boards or marking your parts, it's worth spending a little time marking a centre line.

Support plates 24 in position but not glued, again make sure you align this with the edge of keel 6 from the previous issues, as shown in the picture and magazine.

It seems another keel part, not sure why its called a keel but there we go, its an upright that sit on top of part 23. If your gluing now then make sure this sits dead square as in the coming week more frames will be added towards the bow, see inside front cover of magazine for Issue 7. Also worth noting is this part has a very slight curve on the top part, this hopefully is the beginning of the bow sheer.

Don't worry about frame 9 in this picture, I know it looks wonky, its not glued it just moved when I was taking the picture.

Where we stand on the plan overlay, it's getting there.

Well that's it for now..oh just a quick one on another project (dont' you just love 'em)

I wont go into too much detail yet...just to say this is a smaller scale project based on Hood during the 1922-23 era.

Roll on Issue 7

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