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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hood Build - Fixing the Keel parts.

The next few post's will concentrate on all Issue from 1 through to 6, and the gluing of the keel parts, hull frames and the side parts. Showing how I went about doing this, not the only way, maybe not the best way, but my way..and it works for me, loads of pictures in detail, most of which don't really need me blabbing on, the pictures do the talking. A point to note is I use Aliphatic wood glue, from my experience it's just brilliant, I've used this on my HMS Victory model and it dries so hard you will probably break the wood to part them. If your doing the R/C bit then other glue maybe worth looking at, have a look over at the partworksmodels forum and see what they use for R/C.

I started with the Keel parts, you need to keep them flat when joining these parts so the build-board your going to use is a good base, BUT if your not careful you could end up gluing the keel to the board, so I got some double-sided tape, as it has a waxy finish to it so the glue will not adhere, making it easier to join you keel parts.

As your gluing keel parts instead of holding each part by hand why not bung in a small nail to do the job for you.

2 keel parts glued with double-sided tape  underneath to prevent the parts getting stuck to your build board.

The Stern parts glued.

Heading towards the Bow.

Once you've glued all keel parts and added the supports its time to consider screwing down...this is where some may think I've jumped the gun, well, only time will tell eh! I have a large scale plan made before this build started, at the same scale of our ship, by laying what we have up to Issue 6 I can see where she will lay on the board, if I'm wrong then so be it, all I do is unscrew and re-position, but I don't think I'm wrong.
Don't forget to mark your centre line.

Well they seem to be stop on!

Once I was happy all the holes were drilled and screwed down I then needed to decide how I was going to glue the hull frames in but not glue the whole thing to the base board.....

You know the stuff, for covering books, just turn it over and cut to the size of your build board.

Very carefully peel the backing off and try to get it as flat as possible, no major problems if you don't, its gonna get chucked at the end.

Dead flat, no bumps at all, secure and ready to take the hull frames.

To be continued..............

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