Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hood Build - Week 13

First thing I have to do is to change where I store these pictures.. Photobucket is a 'joke'..anyway onto more important things, what I would call 'false decking', make sure you get a sheer from the bow, see the pictures below. 3 part's on this ply fret are to be used later on, why don't they just supply them later??
Issue 14 show's aft superstructure.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hood Build - Week 12

Straight onto Issue 12 here and nothing much to complicate matters with these part, only to find out what and where this section is on the ship, it's safe to assume it's part of the Superstructure but where????
Have a look and see what you reckon, I'm pretty happy I've got the position right.

Hood Build - Week 11

First off this issue is a little late landing, I tend to get my copy of the magazine of Wednesday but not start until Sunday, normally this would happen but other things have taken over, anyway back to our model. I think we have to assume the ply fret's will NOT be marked up and we have to copy what is in the magazine, make this your first priority, as we have a few small parts take your time cutting them out.
Thanks for all those comments so far, feel free to add anything you feel, if I've made a mistake please let me know. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Remembrance Day - 3rd May 1917

My great-grandfather Jonathan 'Jack' Rowe was killed mid morning of 3rd May 1917, below is a short passage from his commanding officer detailing what happened during that morning. The story in my family is that Jack took a direct hit from a German shell and nothing was left of him, his wife (Mary Ann Margaret) wrote to Capt Brown asking for at least his wedding ring, they found nothing.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hood Build - Week 10

This issue (10) has parts to reinforce the stern of the ship and adding a R/C part, if your like me not going down the R/C route this part can still be added as extra support for the frames (as per magazine instructions). Looking at what's in next weeks issue to me it looks like parts for the bow section, some support rails ect. The front cover has the same old picture..again!!!
I would like to stress that dry fitting is a must, I've found a few areas that were a little on the tight side and as such if they had glue on them it would of made a mess, so always dry fit, DON'T FORCE PARTS!!!