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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hood Build - Week 12

Straight onto Issue 12 here and nothing much to complicate matters with these part, only to find out what and where this section is on the ship, it's safe to assume it's part of the Superstructure but where????
Have a look and see what you reckon, I'm pretty happy I've got the position right.

4 part to this issue, Base, Roof and side rails....mmmm

There is no point in taking a picture for the sake of it, all I'll say is know what the base is from the roof.

I've decided NOT to glue these parts yet and I want to see how they are going to cover the side's, I wonder if this will be covered by P/E?

The base, showing the notches.

And this is where Issue 12 parts are going......

I've just laid the parts on the ship roughly where I think it will be.

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