Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hood Build - UPDATE

I thought it worth posting a small message to let you know the build is coming along..but slow. I'm moving towards finishing the main planking (only the stern to complete new) and then I'm back on with the correct Issue..hopefully within a few days I can start adding diary, home life and hobby's don't mix:)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Hood Build - Week 20 - UPDATE

Finally after some weeks I've managed to finish the Issue I've not purchasing some laser ply that is far better quality and the correct thickness than I bought from my local store. I've also had help from a friend from the partworksmodel forum with the a few bits to help me get the correct shape.

I now put this part of the build to an end, I'll still get the missing issue but now I'll use what I've made and move on.

Hood Build - Week 26

I've finally managed to get the time and do some building, as you probably noticed I've not completed all the steps in the Issues including this one, I want to keep the model on the board for as long as possible which means only working on the top part of the ship, this Issue delivers the upper planking plus you need to use x6 planks from Issue 24. I have also secured the main decks to the hull for my own needs to avoid any movement while planking the lower part of the ship.