Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hood Build - Week 17

Here we are right up to date with Issue 17, quite a bit of work to do here, some of which I've left from a few Issues ago, I'm still trying to get my head around the new camera, one thing I need to do is NOT to take pictures in the evening, the lighting is so bad I've spent most of the time adjusting the colour in photoshop.
I've incorporated quite a few pictures in this Issue, some with no text, the picture speaks for itself.

Hood Build - Week 16

Moving onto Issue 16 I found part 72 the deck piece was warped, as I have also got Issue 17 I checked this part and again!!!!! a warped deck piece. Your method's may vary but this is my approach....I filled the sink with about an inch of hot water and boiled the kettle, pour the hot water over the 2 deck pieces and let it soak for about an hour, carefully take them out and lay flat with something heavy on top for as long as you can, I left mine for 5 hours (the time it take's for me and the wife to go shopping), with the parts still damp I offered them onto the model and clamped them as shown in the pictures worked a treat, after 24hours like this they came off nice and flat and moulded well to the contours of my model.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hood Build - Week 15

I've finally managed to get back to work on the model, Christmas is over, well it soon will be. Continuing here with Issue 15 (from 3 weeks back), it continues with the Stern cabin structure started in Issue 14.
I've got hold of a new camera so the images may look a little different, I'm still getting used to some good settings to use. There are 2 parts on this ply fret that need to be put aside until further on in the build, either leave them on the ply fret or do as I do, your choice.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hood Build - Week 14

Some more superstructure in Issue 14, plus a little on the Sporting Life of HMS Hood, an interest to me, as on page 46 there is a great picture of the trophies that were won during the Rio trip of 1922. The footage I've linked on this blog that show Arthur standing in front of these trophies.
Back to the build, a little more work to do here rather than just cut from ply and glue, so take your time and dry always!