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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hood Build - Week 16

Moving onto Issue 16 I found part 72 the deck piece was warped, as I have also got Issue 17 I checked this part and again!!!!! a warped deck piece. Your method's may vary but this is my approach....I filled the sink with about an inch of hot water and boiled the kettle, pour the hot water over the 2 deck pieces and let it soak for about an hour, carefully take them out and lay flat with something heavy on top for as long as you can, I left mine for 5 hours (the time it take's for me and the wife to go shopping), with the parts still damp I offered them onto the model and clamped them as shown in the pictures worked a treat, after 24hours like this they came off nice and flat and moulded well to the contours of my model.

2 part supplied in this issue, only the deck piece 72 is used.

And this is where we are on the plans.

2 deck pieces laid onto the model after soaking in HOT! water for about 5 hours and secured to the model as described above.

A close up of what I did to mould the damp parts to the model, small nails and scrap wood, as the wood was still damp it was easy to lose the warped deck.

Onto the build proper, following the instruction pretty much to the letter here, I used the dremel on a slow setting just to speed up the sanding of the beam edges, followed by sanding with my sanding stick.

Same as above, sub-assemblies A and B are prepared as per instruction.

 After sanding the beams I then gave the tabs a small sand just to make sure the frames would fit well.

The red area is as shown in the magazine the area where we want to add the glue, beware of getting glue too close to the edges of the tabs...if you do the whole deck will not come out.

Some weight's and clamps until it dry's.

Make sure you clean away and glue from this area as the next Issue's deck piece will not butt up correctly. Clean all the open slots on top of the deck where glue has come through.

A picture under the deck shows the spread of glue, beware if you apply glue too close to the tabs this spread will hold you deck in place...forever!!!!

I have advance plans about this removable deck, for me I don't want a R/C model, I also don't want to have the forecastle of my model to have a join where the deck can be removed once we start adding the deck planks, so I will follow the magazines instruction to a point, I will fix these decks in time before deck planking begins.

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