Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hood Build - Week 29/34

Part 1 -
Second planking starts, I will not be following the magazine instructions/order, as I prefer to plank my it correct or not, its my preferred approach. Nothing much to talk about here apart from trying to get as good as possible 2nd planking as possible, trying to correct any areas you think may show with either dips or bumps, sand the first planking well will set you up perfectly for the second and last layer on our ship. Once again a little time taken over the 'thinner' planks supplied by bevelling them to butt up against each other were needed, this will mean you sanding will be minimal.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hood Build - Week 29/30

A combination of 2 issues this week, but only the Bulwark parts, I'll be doing the second planking in a separate post and again combine them as I want to plank my way rather than follow the instructions.

I found it far easier to remove the quarterdeck parts to fix these bulwark pieces, then sand down the deck to fit.

Another tip is to soak the end of the bulwark part in warm water for about 30mins, this helps shaping it around the stern.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Hood Build - Week 28

So onto the next Issue, what seems like little to build here soon mentions about sanding back the deck edges at the bow, good news! at last confirmation on how they plan to plank. This sanding back takes some time and remember to make sure its is at the correct angle as the planks will rise up and lay across the edge of the ply decking.
I'm just uploading the pictures for now then I'll come back and add some text.

Hood Build - Week 27

Well finally I've managed to enjoy my hobby over the last few days, I've managed to finish up to 28 and I will show some screens of the past Issue that have now been completed.
I'm very happy with how the planking has gone and look forward now to the second layer of planking.
There are a few things that have caused some hassle but just taking my time they seem to have come out ok.