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Monday, 9 April 2012

Hood Build - Week 28

So onto the next Issue, what seems like little to build here soon mentions about sanding back the deck edges at the bow, good news! at last confirmation on how they plan to plank. This sanding back takes some time and remember to make sure its is at the correct angle as the planks will rise up and lay across the edge of the ply decking.
I'm just uploading the pictures for now then I'll come back and add some text.


  1. Issue 28, part 128: 1 hole to much left of the middle!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really wouldn't worry yourself over one small hole (porthole) it really depends on the picture your comparing it to..another model? or the real ship? either way its mm's, your granny will never see it:) are you enjoying the build as much as me?

  3. There are to many pics without that porthole (number eight from the left!) and I just want to make the Hood as she was and research (a joy) is a part of building isn’t it.

  4. Hello G.T.
    I am not very good at this "forum" business, so I have decided to get in touch with you this way, sorry if it's the wrong thing to do.
    I have been following your progress with this build and I have to say I am impressed with your knowledge and skills ! I too am going to build this model in the near future,I am disabled and am moving to bigger house which will enable me to start my build in the very near future.
    Please keep up the good work !


  5. Sorry I ment G.S.

  6. call me colin, guitar school is only a name for some reason that is used, thanks for your kind words, I very much hope when you get sorted in your new house you can enjoy building what many (including me of course) to be THE classic ship. It has so much history and was embedded in the British people's soul for so many years the loss is still today as with Titanic hard to believe it really happened. I'm no expert on the Hood or model shipbuilding but hope you can take something from my diary to guide you...good luck mate and thanks again.

  7. Hi Colin, thank you for taking the time to answer my last posting ! you mentioned the Titanic, very much in peoples thoughts at the moment even now to this day she has tales to tell, have you been watching Len Goodman's account on the TV ? very interesting and sad in some ways. I was surprised that you are not going R.C. I intend to, with some trepidation I must say.
    I don't want to take up too much of your time but would it be ok if I dropped you line now and again to "pick" your brain ? I have a few questions already, but I won't be offended if you don't have the time.
    MOB (Man over board) My name is Kim.

  8. Hi Kim, you welcome, I have been watching Len Goodmans series and personally I think its the best of the lot, the 3 parter on ITV is good but the personal touch wins hands down. I have no intention of RC the Hood but I do have I think a unique and hopefully the only one (Ive not seen anyone else do this) way of displaying my finished model, it will be a very personal and dedicated to my great grandfather. Anytime you want to ask a question in any past or future part of the build then be my guest and just ask away..if I cant help then I'll say but remember I'm not an expert but know what I think is right for me, why not take pictures and start you own diary. good luck and take you time..its a hobby..I think:)

  9. Hi Colin ! I've been reading your "blog" thingy I wonder how you find the time, it seems you are railway man, I must have looked at many of your pics in the past !
    your attention to detail is great and interests me a lot, like you I'm not a ship builder and I have other aspirations, I'm a bricks and mortar man and I'm planning to build a "scale" model of a Victorian house just yards where I was born.
    Catch u later. Kim

  10. Hi
    I would just like to say thanks for this Blog - it's great to get a seond viewpoint on building Hood, the hatchette instructions are (for me) sometimes a little hard to follow, your iages are also a great help
    Although interested in naval history I amd not agreat modeller but do find a few things a bit odd, one being why start plaking in the middle of the hull and work towards the keel and deck - surely building down from the deck means you only have to fair one sets of planks at the keel ?
    Rgds and thanks gain
    Steve W

  11. hi i would like to know if you know what is in issue 38 and 39 regards paul m

  12. Colin,
    I need some advice; is your piece 126/128 exactly flush with the deck?
    Mine is a bit lower, about 3mm, perhabs one more planking piece
    above the notch?

    1. Hi, flush as in the TOP flush with the deck??..if yes then yes mine is flush with the deck.

  13. Tank you for the answer.