Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fine Art Models - 1:192

With so many amazing models already made it's hard to pick just a few, what I want to is to link and show a few in various scale that for me are an inspiration. Just like Longridge is for the HMS Victory model at the Science Museum in London, these models will travel with me on the 3 years it will take to build my HMS Hood.

Fine Art Models -
Fine Art Models builds museum-quality limited-edition scale models that many feel are the finest in the world today.  The most talented craftsmen, meticulous attention to detail, and use of the most cutting edge technology has allowed us to elevate this art form to a level never before seen.

Only recently I've purchased a scale model plan of the Hood at 1:192, the ship is depicted as I think the late 20's early 30's and is just massive, I was original going to scale this plan down to 1:200 but decided to use another plan instead (more of that later), so searching the net for any models of that scale came up with this.

The size of this model comes in at 54" long, 8" wide and 12" high, that's 2" bigger than 1:200 scale.
The price tag is $12,500, not cheap but amazing.

Fine Art Models has built this limited edition, HMS Hood ship model in a scale of 1:192 with exacting detail, with the Sopwith reconnaissance plane on the rear deck, the most detailed miniature airplane ever built.  
Each Hood model is built by a team of eight (8) of the most skilled craftsmen in the world with more than 500 man hours just to assemble.  Computers were used to generate exact scale drawings from the original plans. 

To read more visit the site for more pictures and other wonderful models.

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