Monday, 30 July 2012

Hood Build - Week 43/46

Things are starting to get serious now, these next 4 issues have parts that I have decided to hold off for a while, at least until I know what and how they join to the main hull.  I have also decided to make some serious adjustments to the 'railings', have a look at you own peril.

It seems Hatchette don't follow logic with this build, not a problem as I/we still seem to be enjoying it but it would be nice to finish some areas first.
HMS Hood has hit the news in 2012 it seems, there is talk of bringing the ships bell up and putting it a museum..good I say, those sailors who died need a memorial. Daily Mail story

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hood Build - Week 40/42

Now up-to 30% built?.... doesn't seem it.
3 issues here are supplied with more P/E, wooden parts and parts to be used later..more of that later.

As well as following the magazines instruction Ive side stepped a few things and added my own parts and ideas, not essential but as you will see some parts that are glued to the hull (P/E) could knock very easy, I've covered the possibility only. I've also considered the painting, the deck we are working on is being added all the time and I think it would be wise to consider painting at least some areas. A visit to Halfords and some test painting follows....