Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hachette or DeAgostini

Since at least February 2011 these 2 company's have put out tester issues of a large scale model (1:200), not in London but up north somewhere, some of the feedback has been mixed and both have stopped on or around issue 4.
Here is the DeAgostini site -
and this is the Hachette version -

After searching the net is seems Hachette have sent out letter's with the last issue saying they are starting the series on August 24th 2011.
This will run at 140 issues at a cost of nearly £840, big money but for some the only way they can afford such a model, thats a total run time of 2 years 7 months.
Ive seen many of the Bismarck build's (another Hatchette series) and if the level of detail is anything to go by then this will be a great model straight from the magazine, BUT, if like me you own many of the book on the HMS Hood then some scratch building and adding more detail to the ship, it will no doubt become a great model.
So the size? 1:200 that measures in at -
Length 1314mm or 52", Width 150mm or 6" and Height 275mm or 11", that's nearly 4 foot 4"
A large model, do we have the space??? I'll make space.

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