Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hood Build - The Plans

I have taken a few shots of the plan I have had enlarged from 1:400 to 1:200, I know this is not exact, but to be honest I wanted a very close plan for my own needs during this build, after the bloke bought me over the enlarged scan I had to ask if he got it right and asked for a tap measure (serious I did ask him) judge for yourself, my hand is there just to give you a sense of scale.
Full view of the scaled up plans

Tape measure at approximate centre point, the model spec shows width as 145-150mm, which is about 6"
Just placed my hand on the plans for scale, big eh!
Im not saying this is the exact size but it's pretty close and for me that'll do, at least I have something to work with in the coming months/years.
Just an update on the plans I had printed out yesterday, I wanted to be 100% sure that what I have is as close as possible to the scale of 1/200, so in the book Anatomy of the Ship (John Roberts) page 119, drawing J8/2 showing 'Main Anchor Gear - Plan' shows a scale of 1/200, I simple photocopied this page (no re scaling) and laid it beside the full plans (see picture below), well you can see its almost there, ok give a mm here or mm there, it's not meant to build the ship from but as a very close guide...guess I can put the 'is it the correct size' to bed now  the top overlay is from the book, underneath is the full scale plans.

These plans are for my use ONLY and no part of the publication was or will be distributed.

then I move onto some research regarding the planks, as the Bismarck model was supplied with printed planked decks I want to at least open up another possible modification, along with the hull plating, does this model detail the hull plating added in the various re-fits?
So to cover this I'll be coming up with some ideas on how this can be added with information gained at the Hood Association web site and the numerous books and photo's, all this information is then added to the plans (all in one nice tidy place, ready to be used if needed) something to do between issues eh!please add your thought, I'm not an expert.just a quick one on the planks, ive had a rescale document passed onto me sometime ago when we first started the HMS Victory build and by putting in a 'start scale' then 'convert to scale' a figure can be obtained to achive a scale correct to the model being done. So I started with 1/1 scale (full size) for the deck planking, which was 9in x 3in teak planks, then I added the 'convert to scale' of 1/200 and put the measurement of 230mm (just over 9in) and got a figure of 1.15mm. Food for thought eh.


  1. How i am going to have like this plans for my model of hms hood 1/200 scale i live at malta and i am building it please i need your help or where i can buy them or make them like yours thanks patrick

  2. Photobucket giving a fuck in a lot of people.......Damn!!!!!

  3. sorry mate I know, gonna have to come up with another solution.