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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hood Build - Week 1 - Part 1

Ive just cut the parts from the frets and just to point out the larger piece, what they call the keel, is a little warped, no really a problem, almost expected really, this is a good moment to point out to get a build board.

If you dont your gonna get a banana boat, I'll be getting this either over the weekend or next week, the wood is 4mm thick and with all the parts its gonna be pretty heavy.
For a good board my measurements will be 1380mm long by 210mm wide by 12mm thick, dont go for any soft wood like pine this sort of size will be awkward to move around once the hull grows but I'm sure we will find away.
Some of the crew being sorted, I dont think the lady's will do onboard.

More filtering of the crew, only the best will do.

 This is pretty basic stuff really, just take your time and remove, a little hint, cut both side's to release the parts and do as I do keep the wood that held these never know when you could do with some scrap wood.
Some of the crew ready to be worked on, sounds really dodgy this does..:)

Not the best close up but you get the idea, she's gonna be a biggun' muther!!!
As soon as I get the board I'll post a picture, so no glueing yet, just getting back into this again. I'll be starting to paint the crew as the week go on, should be fun at this size but I think a worthy addition, to at least give a sense of scale.


  1. Hi where did you get your little people from and what size are they

  2. Hi, from ebay, they are 1.200 scale which is perfect for the job. Try this link -