Sunday, 4 May 2014

HMS Hood Footage - Colour & Battle

HMS Hood in Colour
There is no doubt that hood was filmed a lot over her early career,listed below is the rare colour footage, For many years we only had 20 seconds of colour, now we have almost 16 mins, along with the Prinz Eugen battle footage this really marks the end...unless some cans are hiding in a loft somewhere, there is the World Cruise footage, I do know that hood features very little in it.

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1930 -1935

1930 - 1935
More than enough to make a DVD.?One of my favourite Hood eras, she really has managed to capture the public's imagination around this time,
Even though some of the footage I've found shows only a passing glimpse I still think its worth having as part of her history, I hope you agree.

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1922 -1929

1922 - 1929
It seems quite a lot was filmed during the 1922 Brazil trip but nothing much on the World Cruise? I do like the Navy reviews of the time and the excitement created by the Hood just being there.

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1920 -1922

1920 - 1922
Finally British Pathe have moved some 85,000 videos over to YouTube with the added bonus of not having that horrid 'copyright - for preview only' across the bottom of the screen, but this time we have a nice logo on the top right, not interfering with the quality of the footage..also we can change the quality settings in YouTube.

Here is hopefully in some type of order (correction welcome), as much HMS Hood related footage, even the small bits, there just as important and we don't want to loose them.