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Sunday, 4 May 2014

HMS Hood Footage - Colour & Battle

HMS Hood in Colour
There is no doubt that hood was filmed a lot over her early career,listed below is the rare colour footage, For many years we only had 20 seconds of colour, now we have almost 16 mins, along with the Prinz Eugen battle footage this really marks the end...unless some cans are hiding in a loft somewhere, there is the World Cruise footage, I do know that hood features very little in it.

Very short, but excellent all the same.

HMS Hood and other ships in colour!
R.T Grogan's Iron Duke, Repulse & Hood
The best..period.

Prinz Eugen im ersten Gefecht - THE PRINZ EUGEN FILM The Battle of the Denmark Strait


  1. Hi Colin, what an amazing post ! The clips you have posted must make you feel very proud, for me they made it all a lot more real, sailors going about there day to day business, walking under and next to the 15" canons gave a perspective that I thought I would never see, the size, the power that they must have
    delivered is staggering to think of.
    Now as always I'll probably mess this up LOL but I think saw your G Grandad Arther on 3 of the clips, here goes, first at the presentation table with all the silverware he was on the far left, then in the following clip he was on the right during the "panning" shot and then again at the table he was in the middle.
    I for one am grateful for the time you have spent posting clips and to be honest I think all the guys building "her" should see and appreciate these posts.
    I can't imagine the emotions you must go though, but I'm pretty sure Arther would be a very proud !
    Hope you don't mind me "rambling" on.

  2. yes, your correct regarding Arthur on that clip, the pathe cameraman does seem a little fragmented and add what has already happened at the beginning, those were the norm I guess. He the small guy trying to catch the cup that was falling..ha,thanks

    1. Small guy with a big heart :)

  3. well I know but not confirmed that during WWII he was a fireman based at Plumstead, just down the road from me, so I guess its safe to say he was a bloody hero fireman who fought the fires of the blitz.

  4. Hi Colin, got to say you have confused me (not hard granted) I don't understand your last post ? what are you saying ? if you don't want to answer thats ok.

  5. eh? Im saying he was a fireman during the Blitz, and agreeing with you comment 'Small guy with a big heart', and probably I didn't put full stop in my sentence which made it sound odd.

  6. Hi Colin,
    Thanks, I've get you now !
    P.S. Hows your build coming along ?

  7. My Build, well if we had the 'hull' parts to complete I would carry on, but alas I/we dont, so with only a few more weeks left I'll wait. Nice too see all the errors now rather than have parts glued on and at a point on no return. But one thing is for sure I will be done and boxed in a glass/plexi glass case showing a waterline (no hull cutting needed) all flags/bunting flying with workable search lights ('all light up') display..phewy, I know what I want and believe me it will look just as Ive described.

  8. Hi Colin,
    My build ? well to be honest the parts of every issue are labeled and boxed with loving care, a bit like yourself waiting to see and learn from the builds on PMF.
    I did start to do the "Black Pearl" and tried my hand at a build diary, managed to get pics right which will stand me in good stead for my "Hood" diary, dropped the "Pearl" like a hot spud, very poor materials!
    I have been following the build but It's like a "K" feast.

  9. mm, yeah that Black Pearl looked ok but 'MDF' as parts? no no no.

  10. Would footage of the hoods world cruise into sydney be worth anything?

  11. absolutely YES, any footage from Hoods life it worth seeing. What do you have?