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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Large scale Model 1/100

I just had to add this incredible model made over a period of nearly 4 years by Jeff Anderson, he started off by getting the Hatchette Partworks but then decided to go it alone, so glad you did Jeff:) A few hours a night, seven days a week and you have a model that is nearly 9ft long and weights in at nearly 80kg..(WOW!!)

The hull took Jeff 12 months to complete and is made up of 1000's of Birch wood planks, with the deck being individually planked. As for the big guns, "My guns rotate on bearings incredibly smoothly they elevate by remote control and will soon fire using an air-compressor", he says of the firing, "My trial guns were as powerful as an air rifle and put dents into the home walls, I am hoping to get a range of fire about 100 to 200 yards", I'd keep well outta the way.

This model is based on the ship prior to her last re-fitting, Jeff explains "One month to go! before the maiden voyage. I've scratch built the Hood so that it appears as it did in late 1940 during its time with Force H in the Mediterranean ie before it's final refit. When radar was added during the refit to the foremast top the mast itself was lopped of and I felt the ship lost something in terms of appearance. It also lost its torpedo spotting cabin on the mast. All models of the Hood are as it appeared in 1941 when it fought the Bismarck so I wanted my model to be different."

So here are the picture....just brilliant Jeff. I make no apologies for the large picture.




  1. Add your comments, this model deserves it.

  2. Hi Colin,
    A nice find ! some serious dedication on this build it looks amazing, will he be floating it ?
    Thanks for the posting would not have seen it otherwise.

  3. Hi Colin (again)
    Interesting to see what he has done with the 15" canon barrel ends, and some of the other guns ?

  4. The gun barrels are made of four brass tubes one inside the other for strength when firing. I left the ends masked when spraying because I liked the contrast between battleship grey ( actually Tamiya sea grey RAF AS 10) and brass. Artistic licence I guess but the ends of the barrels were highly polished in this way in reviews!!!

  5. just wondering how your build is going as i have not seen you publish any photos of it for quite some time.

  6. SPLENDID WORK! I just happened upon this site and am thoroughly amazed at this large scale model of my most admired warship.
    Joe Couture
    Ipswich MA USA