Sunday, 29 December 2013

Build update!!..2014 onwards

I have not given up, unfortunately the company (Hatchette) have in their wisdom supplied small deck parts up till now and as such finishing the hull would become a problem due to turn the model upside down, I have decided to wait until the hull parts (prop and rudder ect) have been supplied, this may be right at the end, I will have to live with that, but saying that I will probably start making the smaller parts as separate little models.

Thank you for your patience, I have every intention of completing this model, so far the collection is on 117, with 23 more weeks/issues to go, the latest has finally shown some superstructure!!

Once we get Christmas and the New Year celebration out of the way plus my 3rd grandchild (Jack) delivered safely then building can commence. So by July 2014 all the parts will be completed.

Happy New Year.