Monday, 27 August 2012

Hood Build - Week 47/51

It's been a while again, I've still been working on the model but parts have taken time and I was not going to rush it, I think the hold up was trying to figure out a way to incorporate metal barrels, instead of jumping in and not thinking I took some time out and had a look around at how other modellers have approached the subject.

I've also got myself a new camera (Fuji T200) which has given some excellent results, it's only a small compact but it does have some manual setting and as I workout what they do I can hopefully better my pictures and quality.

What about the live stream the other day at 2844metres down in the Denmark Straight, that was fascinating, for those not aware there is a expedition to recover HMS Hood's bell, located in the debris field of the stern area, the last footage I've see was the ROV come within 10cm of the bell with superstructure overhanging, unfortunately they had to abandon the dive due to bad weather, I hear it starts again on 28th.