Sunday, 4 May 2014

HMS Hood footage (Pathe) 1922 -1929

1922 - 1929
It seems quite a lot was filmed during the 1922 Brazil trip but nothing much on the World Cruise? I do like the Navy reviews of the time and the excitement created by the Hood just being there.

Christmas Scenes In The Army Aka And "Come To The Cookhouse Door" Boys (1922)

HMS Hood V Repulse Aka "Well Done - Repulse !" (1922)

Empire's Sea Might (1923)
Hood just glides past..impressive!

With Only Inches To Spare (1924)

Showing The Flag (1926)

Atlantic Fleet Regatta (1927)

The Navys Cup Final Aka The Navy's Cup Final (1928)

Unique Naval Occasion (1928)

The Fleet Of England In Her All In All Aka The Fleet Of England Is Her All In All (1929)

The Fleet Of England Is Her All-In-All (1926)
This footage is longer at nearly 15mins but shares the same title but reads as 1926, a little confusing, what it does show is Hood in the background later on in the film but HMS Renown, broadsides and all!

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