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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hood Build - Week 1 - Part 2

So following on from the first post this is just going through the first basic steps on building the frames, along the way maybe a few deviations to make things easier as the ship grows is size (as it will grow in size).

 A simple affair putting this together, just follow instructions, mark out and dry fit first, get some cheap plastic clamps, make's all the difference.

I've marked the centre line and also marked where the frames are situated (not shown here) so when the other keel parts are supplied they can all be married together in a prefect line on a build board. These parts will be secured to the baseboard with screws and washers.
Make sure you follow the instructions by marking out the 'A' tabs/parts before gluing, and don't forget the beam just sits between the frames NOT GLUED.
 Careful not to get any glue between the 'A' tabs/parts, leave aside to dry.
Mark out before adding any glue, dry fit all parts first.
 Carefully add the the guide piece, and maybe offer it up to the Keel part, just to make sure it all fits well.
Laid the finished parts over the plan (I have not glued the frames onto the Keel yet, this will come later using a set square. I'm guessing this part is almost centre leading to the Stern.
I wont be gluing any frames to the keel until all keel parts have been supplied,marked and secured to the build board, don't forget to mark the frame numbers onto the keel parts as mistakes can happen, best be safe.

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