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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hood Build - Week 29/30

A combination of 2 issues this week, but only the Bulwark parts, I'll be doing the second planking in a separate post and again combine them as I want to plank my way rather than follow the instructions.

I found it far easier to remove the quarterdeck parts to fix these bulwark pieces, then sand down the deck to fit.

Another tip is to soak the end of the bulwark part in warm water for about 30mins, this helps shaping it around the stern.

Both parts from Issue 29 and 30, carefully cleaned and sanded. Soaking these parts in warm water for 30mins or so did help me to shape them around the stern area.

A few planks added from previous Issue, I decided to add 2 full planks rather than one and a slither of another, this butts up nice to the decking.

Looking back from the stern to the first part of the quarterdeck, notice how those 2 planks butt up flush with the deck.

Fitting the first bulwark piece on the starboard side, a combination of clamps as you can see, and without the deck parts in place first.

Now the port side, same as before.

The other end of the bulwark part here will have those 1mm second planking butting up to this.

After some sanding and adjustment the final deck part in in place, remember this was my own scratch build deck piece, as you can see it is one part as opposed to the magazine supplied 2 parts, I haven't glued but only used the screws still at this stage..just in case I need to make adjustments along the way. As you can see the bulwark parts are nice and flush with the deck.

The final picture showing both starboard and port stern sides

I will be second planking this week but first will be some more sanding of the hull to be 100% sure the thinner planks will lay well and not show up any bumps and dips, so care again taken here is well worth doing.

I will also be shaping the stern ply (shown in these pictures) and adding some thinner planks to it, not the official build but I feel doing this now is better than waiting to see what appears in future Issues..if any.


  1. Hi Colin, Looking good as always.... Chris (magpie)

  2. Thanks Chris, always good to hear from you, how's your shipbuilding coming along?

  3. Hi Colin,
    I have been looking around your blog and understand why you are not going RC, I came across Arthur Whelan your great grandfather, you must be very proud ! and I'm sure whatever you have planned for your build of the Hood will be a fitting tribute to him, if you don't mind me saying. I won't pry but you have made me wonder what you intend to do with your finished Hood.
    Kim (MOB)

  4. Thanks Kim for you comments, if I told you I'd have to kill no, serious, it will be static and in a glass case, and the rest my friend stays with me until each stage has been completed, I dont really want to shout about it as I may have difficulty in what I want to achieve..I think I can achieve it.. I've only seen this display once before on a ship and that was in a museum. A few other things I intend to have on the finished model which will be a tribute to Arthur.
    thanks for your continued interest, how is your model coming along?

  5. Hello again Colin,
    Thanks for your reply, I have not started my build yet but I am doing a lot of research into techniques and ideas on building it (mistakes will costly) from where ever I can, such your info on Aliphatic adhesive it’s a reasonable price but you don’t mention why you prefer it ? I have also read that laser cut parts have an “ash” left on them due to being cut that way, so a sanding to remove it is a good idea, what do you think ?
    I did mention I have a few questions to ask you but hey it’s the weekend so I’ll leave you in peace to “beaver” on :)
    Catch you later Kim (MOB).

  6. Hi Kim, the Aliphatic glue is something I picked up when I started my HMS Victory and found it to be excellent, it has a good tack to it rather that the normal white wood glue, I will never use anything else. Regarding the 'ash' you talking about, I've not had a problem with this, but as always sand the parts cut from the ply fret. Have a good weekend.