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Monday, 12 March 2012

Hood Build - Week 20 - UPDATE

Finally after some weeks I've managed to finish the Issue I've not purchasing some laser ply that is far better quality and the correct thickness than I bought from my local store. I've also had help from a friend from the partworksmodel forum with the a few bits to help me get the correct shape.

I now put this part of the build to an end, I'll still get the missing issue but now I'll use what I've made and move on.

Got this in the post today at a cost of £3.45 but postage and packing took the total up to £12, very good quality laser ply.

Thanks to Chill for these.

..and this.

I started by cutting the paper copy into position and taping the 2 parts together, at least this way I can get the exact size.

Then taping it to the ply...

A little time sanding the frame notches, everything fits perfectly..and in one piece.

Final stage temporarily screwed down.

Just a note to say the screwing down of the decks is my own way of doing this, you can copy by all means but its not something you have to do.

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