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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Deck Arrangements

I've been working on this for some time as a little project that may be of use at least as a back up in case Hachette miss or incorrectly position items on this deck. I'm hoping as I'm sure most of you are they succeed in doing a good job (so far they have).
Please remember I may have certain things wrong, if that is the case then please post below and I will endeavour to correct it, hopefully we can all pull our resources and figure out what goes where correctly.
I have used the many books available plus the HMS Hood Association web site, many hundreds of photo's and the many hundreds of absolutely brilliant models...too many to list here. As the document tell's 'not to scale' is important, they are for position only.
Again I am no expert but by doing this I can get a good idea of how things work and why they are there and what they lead to, hopefully you'll find this interesting if not informative and an addition to help build this superb model.

I have found picture's of this enclosed area of the ship hard to come by but if you have a source or know of any information that can help re-create our model with as close to the way she looked in May 1941 would be of great help and interest.

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  1. Hi Colin

    To paraphrase the Rolling Stones (Sympathy for the devil): "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of (un)healthy claims..."

    Let's get the strutting around out of the way first. Big respect for you dude! Awesome build. Coming from me man, you're one of the best! I know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Cos me, man, I got de Gold Medal at the UK National Championships in 2008 for this pile of plastic *hit (and wood and resin and PE and scratch) - Trumpeter 1:350 CV2 USS Lexington. An' de YS Masterpieces trophy for most detailed model ship in show. Check it out:

    Like you man, I logged the build every step of the way, and got it published on line:

    But after that mammoth two-year £400 build, went back to basics. Built a model of a French destroyer out of - paper (mostly). And got a Bronze Medal for it in the East of England Championships:

    OK, got the struttin' out the way. Know what I's talkin' 'bout. Got de gongs man.

    So what I want to say is, I love trying new materials and techniques. Started this Hatchett partwork model of HMS Hood September 2011. All new stuff to me. All this laser-cut ply and stuff. Being a newby to this, just took Hatchetts' instructions for granted, believing they knew best and were taking me on a journey of discovery.

    Quickly started questioning this, and was baffled by not understanding the complete end-to-end build sequence, what was coming down the line and being in a position to make judgements about how what I was doing now might be totally wrong in relation to what I didn't know what was coming. Sort of, do I do what they tell me, or wait?

    I was feeling lonely and baffled out here until a Dutch guy on pointed me at you. Thought there must be a forum out there of dudes building this ship. Found you!

    Ran back through every one of your blog articles. You were lucky not to have built the false three part quarter deck which went missing for you - it was full of errors and discrepancies - with Hatchett issuing apologies and substituting parts.

    Now I know I wasn't going mad. My model looks OK. I planked it up like you did in a different way from the instructions, because to me it seemed a better way. It wasn't like your way, it was different, but still better than the destructions in the magazine.

    Let's stick together on this one!

    Great to be part of a community here, together figuring it out.

    Big respect Colin

    Regards, Chris

    Wednesday, September 05, 2012

    1. Hi Chris, I had to read your post a few times just to make sure I understood what you was saying, Chris, thank you for your support, I'm blown away by you admiration of what I'm trying to build. I've had a look at your builds and they look stunning, totally stunning, I love the carrier, I know nothing about the carrier,,just brilliant modelling.

      Im real glad you have found my ramble with picture of some use, I dont purport to 'my way is the only way'..a million miles from that, only what I want from this model and how I want to build it, so anything you see or read is simply 'another way' perhaps.

      Please feel free to add anything at any time along the way, if you see errors please shout:) I guess like you it a simple case of getting to know your subject, for me I'm no expert on HMS Hood, but have a keen eye for details and a little patience (you need it with partworks)we still have a long way to go but I really do think this model could end up to be one stunning example of a British icon..and that means everyone's model not just mine.
      Ta mate and again thanks