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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Build Preview

Well after hoping for years and seeing 2 company's do the try out, one come up with the goods, Hachette, I've no idea how this company compare, I don't care, all I know is for the next 3 years the Mighty 'ood is returning to the British shore's..
Partwork starts on 24th, not sure after that date if they continue weekly.

I've taken a few screen shots of the TV advert found on the official web site and had a closer look, it seems the hull does not show much if any hull plating, to be honest this doesn't worry too much as I can add that with either very thin plasticard material or some litho plates, which I've seen done to great effect on a large scale model of HMS Iron Duke.

If there are many inaccuracies (which is probable)then the HMS Hood Association web site is available to maybe scratch or re build certain parts.

Also when the Bismarck was released the deck planking was done with a printed sheet, after look through loads of these builds over the last month I've seen quite a few modellers complain to hachette about them, there was too many pages/posts to search but most seemed ok with them, if they are printed on it maybe worth will avoiding staining them to prevent the print coming off. For me, well I want to have a look into planking the deck proper.
I know, I big undertaking BUT I feel I have some ideas and lots of good source material to pull from.

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