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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Arthur - 1922 Rio

I thought I'd share these images, after finding out my great grandfather was on the Hood during the Rio visit I headed off to British Pathe and came across some footage that I'm convinced is Arthur, some may say not but I father told me that when he was younger he used to visit his grand father (Arthur) who lived not 10mins from me now and go into his shed....hanging up was a boxing bag and along side was an old pair of boxing gloves, its wasnt until I asked my father about this footage that he remmebered the shed.
This footage show's a boxing match, two hard men fighting well, I'm not sure if Arthur fought or was part of the squad but he was part of something as the footage at the end showing some serious trophy's being presented that is show Arthur right at the front and in full knowledge that a moving film camera was there filming them, I will link the footage but here is a screen from that film showing the trophy's prior to presentation.

the next still show circled my great grandfather Arthur, compare this with the coloured images I have on the banner at the top of this blog, I found this footage some time ago and kept coming back to it with a feeling I recognised someone but I wasn't sure, then one morning I shouted out.. that's him!

I have no doubt whatsoever about this is Arthur, same height, facial features, its Arthur. And to just show you I have made a comparison picture below.

British Pathe ...... BOXING CHAMPS (aka AN APPROPRIATE SETTING) video newsreel film
The centre picture is Arthur taken in Rio on board Hood in 1922, the left and right is from the footage. Below is from a postcard showing those trophies, I wonder if my great grandfather had a part in winning these? I'd like to think he did.

The picture is from the G D “Dud” Bear, Repulse Collection.

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