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Friday, 3 January 2014

Latest additions - January 2014

Well its all over and were back to work (don't all cry out at once), the good news is the magazine is now up to 117 and it looks like some superstructure, I'm taking a guess at some aft superstructure, but it's all MDF so far, lets wait and see next week.
I've just been looking over these parts and have worked out what they are, its the lower part of the conning tower, the small 'coming in issue 118' picture shows what looks like a deck part, so I've had a look at the 'Tehnoart' model and its show a different coloured decking. (see picture below) This is of course wrong, the 2 picture's inset are from 1: Colin Vass (left) and 2: Nick Dogger (right), they show the correct colour, which can be found on the 'Association' web site
III. AP507B– Home Fleet Medium Grey/Bridge decks:
  • Bridge decks: The lowest two decks were likely still covered in corticene. The colour would be somewhat faded. Suggest dulling/lightening the corticene colour with a grey colour. Try to approximate the colour of "chocolate milk." The upper bridge decks may have been covered with corticene, weathered semtex (see description below) or with dark grey paint (AP507A).

I think its worth bringing this up now just in case you commit to adding a lighter/teak coloured deck and build around it, then, it would be too late. Let's see on Wednesday to confirm what I've just said..huh (fingers crossed)

I did manage to get some goodies over Christmas, first a great Airbrush Spray Booth, I really wanted this for all those small bits we have been getting (what seems like forever), and a great little book  "Super Drawings In 3D" by Stefan Draminski, yes there are some errors, but there will always be errors unless they are produced by some well known authors or by the 'Association' but for a guide to adding those extra details and using this in conjunction with the 'Association's' web site it could be invaluable.

I have also been working on another way to produce some better scale railing for this model, I really don't like those supplied and as such have taken them off, stick around to see how I get on.

So that's it for now, I'll keep you updated on this latest superstructure parts. I am also working on a new graphics header for the sections of the model I've produced, as I'm sure you understand going in an issue sequence is not going to happen, so as I wait for the hull parts I will perhaps have a go at the smaller bits, which means the header will not show the week number or percentage completed.


  1. Hello Colin,
    Great to see you are back on your own site ! brilliant posting about the "bell" and it seems it might happen this time I hope so. Interesting you brought up the issue of the "colour" of the lower bridge deck flooring, It has answered a question I asked on the other site :)
    You will be glad to hear I'm not such a "pain in the butt" any more :) I know how things work now.
    Look forward to next postings.

  2. Glad it helped Kim, I think its worth taking time to check the correct colour for little things that could be overlooked, in fact its your model so you wont be taken away and shot, but its there if you want to use it.
    Regarding the 'Bell', im not so sure, after they got so close it slipped back further into the bulkhead, its gonna take a brave soul to pull it out, I;d say leave it now, they had a go, now let it be, dont get me wrong Im in the camp that says bring it back home, BUT!!! its too risky now.

  3. Hi Colin, just been looking (again) at your photo enhancing skills I have to say they are pretty "seem" less
    I have tried my hand to restore some old family pics with not to bad a result.
    I have a particular interest in your pics with the Hood parked up so to speak (I know thats not right LOL)
    do you have or could you tell me where I may be able to get more of these pics.

  4. I just searched the net for a good sized picture, in particular those ones your talking about are from the 'World Cruise' of 1924, berthed in Australia. The bigger (resolution) the better as either restoration and/or colourisation works better. Hope that helps.