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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Over the years I have collected some really great books on HMS Hood, below is my collection, I also have one on the way from ebay, more of that later in the post. As I get closer to starting the model I think these along with the HMS Hood Association web site will be invaluable. Most of these books can still be purchased and as such I will link them accordingly.

The Battlecruiser HMS Hood - An Illustrated Biography by Bruce Taylor.

Just a superb book, about the best there is, an amazing source of information in words and pictures.
Technical details and the ship's fighting career are detailed, but a remarkable collection of largely unpublished photographs allows this book to concentrate on shipboard life for the crew of the most glamorous warship of her time.

By Bruce Taylor - Chatham Publ. (2005) - Hardback - 256 pages - ISBN 186176216X
Prices vary from new (£40) to second hand (£11)
If your building a model at any scale this book is a must.

Anatomy Of The Ship - The Battlecruiser Hood

Once again taking a different view, this concentrates on the drawings and/or plans of the ship, covering the 1920's through to her last refit. Some a very technical but other are just superb in the detail. Produced in a convenient A4 format each title presents a service history of each ship, maps, numerous scale plans, diagrams, contemporary photographs (some rare), camouflage details, photographs of completed models including close-ups, incredible analytical diagrams as well as cross-sections and a detailed bibliography

By John Roberts - Conway Maritime (2001) - Hardback - 128 pages - ISBN 085177900X
Prices again vary but at £17 for new and £12.50 for second hand it cheap for what it is. Another must buy for any model maker at any scale, but for us 1.200 scale modellers is spot on.

Hood and Bismarck (Channel 4)

A facinating book that follows the TV broadcast showing the discovery of HMS Hood along with Bismarck, for those who have the Robert Ballard book then the reason for this book is the Hood pictures of her resting place. Tieing into the sixtieth anniversary of the battle between the Bismarck and the HMS Hood, this book will be a mixture of history and adventure and will include interviews with survivors of both ships. It will be illustrated throughout with state-of-the-art underwater photography of the wrecks, computer graphics and sonar scans as well as archive paintings and photographs showing this dramatic battle.

By David Mearns, Rob White - Channel 4 (2001) - Hardback - 224 pages - ISBN 0752220357
Coming in at £25 it seems quite expensive, but I personally think this is a great addition to anyone interested in either HMS Hood or Bismarck, I'm sure if, as with all the books so far is you look around on ebay for example you could pick up a cheaper copy. View the 2 part series here on 4OD

Hood - Design and Construction

What can I say about this small publication, it's rare, it's expensive BUT is just brilliant, so much detail in the text regarding her build and as the cover says 'construction' this has to be another modellers best mate. This has too some too much technical information, too other just right, the rare picture from the John Brown shipyard are just superb, if your serious about a large scale model then I would be searching this book as soon as you can.

By Maurice Northcott (this edition 1975) - Ensign Special - 60 pages + 8 page Battle damage report from ADM 116/4351 and ADM 116/4352 which draws on evidence from Norfolk, Prince of Wales and Hood's 3 survivors.
The cheapest I've seen so far at £29.99 (I got mine for £20) BUT get in there quick as they can go for as much as £200+ (with the 8p battle damage report), this was reprinted many time's so look for other cover designs with the same author.

HMS Hood - Pride of the Royal Navy

I picked this up from ebay some months back, at a silly price of £5 incl p&P, Explores the events leading up to the May 24, 1941 sinking of the British flagship HMS Hood by the German warships Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, as well as the historical aftermath. But what is does have is recollections from Fred White, W.H.Ransom, Robin Board, Fredrick Reeve Bushell and Ted Briggs, a nice tidy little book that just adds another perspective to the story. My copy is the 2001 reprint.

By Andrew Norman - Stackpole Books (2001) - Hardback - 160 pages - ISBN 081170789X
As much as £9.99 for new or a little as £2.42 for second hand, another option is for £3.99, it's everywhere.

Bismarck and Hood - Great Naval Adversaries

A book I picked up many years ago, small and compact it really goes through the usual stuff, comparing the ships and of course the battle itself, nothing special but I have a copy and wont be selling it. This is not for the modeller as the drawing are too small and pictures are pretty distant to use for reference's.

By Paul Kemp - Arms and Armour (1991) - Paperback - 64 pages - ISBN 1854090992

Just use Google to search for this book, eBay and other firms sell for around £1.

The Bismarck Episode

Not sure where this came from, I think it was given to me, a small and old book, as you can see at the bottom of the book it says 'Faber School Editions' probably for the younger reader. On looking around I see this book was written in 1948 by Capt. Russell Grenfell, there is no date mark in the book I have.
It loks like various version and covers are easy to come by after searching the net, an easy to read book, as this is a school edition that explains it. Ive seen a reprint or new copy over at the Pen & Sword web site, for just £11.

I suppose if your like me will buy most things relating to the Hood then go for it, it wont help build a model and there are better books around.

The Mighty Hood

I've just bought this on ebay for a handsome figure of £3.48 including P&P, really cant go wrong. This version is from 1977 but it does go back some years (1960 I think), Ive had a PDF version of this (shhh) and started reading a little and to be honest it looks pretty good, it does mention quite a lot about the era my great grandfather served on the Hood (1922-1923) so for the price, why not.
There does seem to be various different jackets for this book but the contents are the same. As soon as I get it in the post I'll bring you upto date on it's content.

TITLE:Mighty "Hood" (Coronet Books)- AUTHOR: Ernle Bradford -ISBN:0340186879 - PUBLISHER:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

Online prices vary but as little as Ive paid (£4)  upto £10, just spend the time it takes to drink a cup of tea to search around. hey, it;s another book on HMS Hood I don't own.

Warship Pictorial #20 H.H.M Hood

I've had a bit of a struggle getting this one, my first attempt was with an online book seller, showing they had the book for a nice price of £15 I ordered it via paypal, weeks later I contacted them only to be told it will be in stock within 4-6 weeks..I went into one. Back in the land of the normal I have my eye of a few retailers costing around £20, BUT this is a good book, this extract is from the Hood Association -
Superb monograph featuring a detailed history, colour artwork and many previously unpublished photos of Hood (though mostly from earlier in her career). We recommend this for Hood enthusiasts and modellers.
Sounds good to me. You can view more information here at

Product Category : Books - Title : Warship Pictorial #20: H.M.S. Hood - Authors : Steve (Computer Graphics By Thomas Schmid) Wiper - Binding : Paperback - Publisher : Classic Warships Publishing
Publication Date : 2003 - Pages : 72
Update on the last book, I've just bought it from ebay costing me £21, well, it's the'it

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