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Saturday, 20 August 2011

British Pathe Footage - Leaving the River Clyde January 1920

Following the launch of HMS Hood in 22nd August 1918 this footage follows her leaving the Clyde, information is from British Pathe.
British Pathe
HMS Hood the Royal Navy's new battleship leaves the river Clyde in Scotland for sea trials. L/S An impressive opening shot of the Hood (presumably still on the Clyde) looking towards her bow. Visible are an array of menacing looking gun turrets and masts. Smoke belches from her funnels. A number of Tugboats have lines attached, compared to these the Hood is truly enormous. M/S from the stern. A closer look at the ship from the starboard side reveals a hive of activity on the deck, sailors and other naval crew can be seen scurrying around, making sure the ship is in tiptop condition.
L/S On the dock side we can see a large crowd of people watching this spectacular occasion, nearby is a dry dock containing the large hull of another ship under construction.
Good L/S The Tugboats are now towing the ship from the bow and appear to be heading down river.
We also see a variety of C/U's, M/S's and L/S's showing the Gun turrets, life boats, the decks, the ladders, and the two huge funnels. This helps you to appreciate the true scale of the vessel in an era when the British Navy was still the envy of the world.
Note: There are no titles to the film
Date:12/01/1920 | Time: 5min 53sec | Sound: No | Canister: G632 |Film ID: 201.16

HMS Hood Association information - 09 January: Hood departs Clydebank under her own power. Trials commenced afterwards. Steam trials were conducted off the Isle of Arran that same day. Hood was possibly based at Greenock for her trials.
Another version of this film exists but runs for only 1min, I'll add that to this post soon.

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