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Saturday, 20 August 2011

British Pathe Footage - August 1935 'Navy Week'

Starting in no particular order I want to compile the footage I've seen on both TV, DVD & Web of the footage through the Hood's career. British Pathe seem to have quite a large amount and I'm always on there searching for any glimpse of her in the Hood's hey day.
British Pathe
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Probably filmed at Portsmouth, Hampshire.Various shots of big warships in a harbour during Naval Week. Battleships and aircraft carriers are seen. Landlubbers are taken out to HMS Hood for a visit. Good shots of them waving to the sailors and coming aboard. Some ladies are shown around by a young sailors. Other people are shown the ship gun by another sailor. The group leave the ship and are taken back to shore on the launch.
Date:13/06/1935 | Time: 1min 32 sec | Sound: Yes | Canister: PSP 897 |Film ID: 1644.26
HMS Hood Association career timelime shows this entry for June 1935, Between 10th June and 11th July HMS Hood was at Portland. 
Navy Week in 1935 was held during August, I have found some footage [Portsmouth Navy Week] of the Duke Of York giving a speech aboard HMS Victory, the film is dated 8th August 1935, and clearly in the background is HMS Hood (see pictures below) 
HMS Hood Association show's Hood participated during 3rd - 10th August. So with this information I would hazard a safe guess the footage above is from early August 1935.

And finally this programme cover from that week in 1935 - Navy Days UK

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