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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Britannia Goes To War - DVD - 'Hood Footage'

Created by Royal Navy historian Roland R Smith. Approx 2h. Includes pre-WWII footage including the 1924 Spithead Review, the Home Fleet engaged in war games, the 1937 Coronation Review, with aerial views, and the Hood sailing with the Ark Royal and the Repulse. Comprehensive film reviews of the battleship fleet, aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers, etc, etc. Early engagements feathers include the Battle of the River Plate, and there is footage of the loss of HMS Barham. The film also looks at how the Royal Navy changed in response to war, with coverage of the training of new recruits, and the development of new tactics
Some screen shot's of footage that has appeared of a DVD called Britannia Goes To War, they speak for themselves really, most of these shot are from the 1923/24 world cruise. 106 minute film was produced and only a small amount of this showed many ship, including the Hood.

Fo'castle of Hood filmed in 1923
A lot of this footage does show HMS Repulse and can get a little confusing but a few things can tell them apart, the bow port holes, Hood only had one row where Repulse had two rows of port holes at the bow. There are many more things that can tell them apart but for me head on shots are the hardest and I have many times confused Repulse with Hood, side shots are a lot easier.
Here is HMS Repulse during the 1923/24 cruise, even I got them mixed up:)
Filmed on the Hood with the Repulse in the background, but look how low in the water the stern is, damn, did they have to know what they were doing. In fact during the time my great grandfather served in 1922 they did lose a young sailor, I'm not sure if it was due to the pitch and roll of the ship but you can see how it could happen.

Another top quality DVD that runs for 2 hours, in fact I could do at least double that, but this is what I love about the Navy, between wars, British pride in our Royal navy at its best.

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Every effort has been made to make contact to gain permission to use these still's, if you are the copyright owners could you please contact me, or leave a comment below for me to contact you. Thank you.

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