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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Mystery Photo

Ok, this will be interesting to see reactions, but when I saw it I gave my reaction to my wife (nuff said)
 As the title says - The Mystery Photo
Until now I have only seen and am only aware of one photo, or should I say a still from  footage of the Hood blowing up in the distance, that footage is from the German ship Prinz Eugen, its shows moments after the explosion. Now this article I came across, some of you may of seen it, I haven't, so I'll assume most here have not either. Part of  Warships International Fleet Review dated July 2010, this is not a fake or someone trying to pull the other one but a serious discussion on the picture.

Below is 2 screen grabs of the pdf document that contains the fascinating story by author Iain Ballantyne.
You can download the full document here - Bismarck and Hood Talk

I would like to point out the images are copyrighted to the National Museum of the Royal Navy and as such permission has yet to be requested.

Iain's new book is called Killing the Bismarck published by Pen & Sword Maritime. (gotta put a copy on my list of books to buy)

Pick up your copy from

Thanks Iain

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