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Saturday, 13 August 2011

King George V Class battleships 1941-42 DVD - 'Hood footage'

I have got hold of a new dvd called King George V Class battleships 1941-42, part of the Roland R Smith series of the Royal Navy At War collection, another superb 1 hour collection from the best series of Royal Navy dvd titles and footage. See below for a link to buy at
After about 15mins in there was some footage showing the Hood at anchor at Scapa Flow in 1941.
I would say about 30secs of this footage, then the narration moved onto May 1941 with some Bismarck footage and stock footage of the Hood, probably around the 1930's.

Then this little bit of footage appeared, I've not seen this one before, a very light bit of film, maybe Hood departing Scapa Flow?
Now this next section of footage got me a little surprised, this is the naration over the footage -
"Filmed from the Prinz Eugen the Hood is observed to blow up on the horizon."
I have contacted Frank Allen of the Hood Association and he has confirmed with me that this footage is NOT the Hood blowing up.
This is very different footage than that already seen on youtube, much closer (maybe it has been magnified?) but all the same I have no doubt that this is genuine as the writer and producer Roland R Smith is not one for making mistakes. But footage Ive never seen before, maybe someone could tell me otherwise.
Next came Able Seaman Tilburn telling the camera what he remembers on that day, I would guess this footage was from around the mid to late 60's

A superb dvd that delivers just what is needed, no long drawn out narration and to the point, in some cases just the footage and no talking, brilliant.

Pick this title up at

Every effort has been made to make contact to gain permission to use these still's, if you are the copyright owners could you please contact me, or leave a comment below for me to contact you. Thank you.

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