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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Royal Navy At War In Colour DVD

Precious pre-war film records the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla in Malta and on exercise in the autumn of 1939, and the ships of the First Battle Squadron and the First Cruiser Squadron in the Mediterranean that same year. From spring 1939 comes rare colour film of the warships of the China Station.
Among the warships captured here in colour are the carriers Illustrious, Indomitable, Furious and Glorious, the battleships Rodney, Warspite, Barham, Nelson and Queen Elizabeth, the cruiser Birmingham, the destroyers Eskimo, Ashante, Cossack and Hermione and the mine-laying submarine Grampus, also shown is HMS Revenge during 1941.
This is the first of Roland R Smith's films that I picked up some years ago and to be honest it's still the best, just amazing footage.

Filmed in Malta in late 1939, I can see the HMS Rodney but unsure of the other ship, maybe the HMS Barham? The narration (which I am now led to believe is Roland R Smith himself) mentioned other capital ships (not HMS Hood) that were present. HMS Hood was at Malta during 1939 but I am unsure if the 
censors have cut that from the original footage?
The images below are dated possible before 1939 as the narrative mentions, maybe late 1938.
First battle Squadron led by HMS Warspite
HMS Barham
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Iron Duke at Scapa Flow (1940?)

If you are unsure about this DVD just look at the screen shot's, amazing, and priceless. Costing about £6 as well, what you waiting for?

Pick this title up at

Every effort has been made to make contact to gain permission to use these still's, if you are the copyright owners could you please contact me, or leave a comment below for me to contact you. Thank you.

Finally HMS Revenge from 1941, amazing.

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