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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hachette Model & Issue 2 parts

Since there is a lack of good quality close up pictures I thought I'd take some scans of the magazine, not the best scan's but the printing is not the best, moire patterns on scans (I've been a printer for 27 years) so I've had to blur it a little to smooth it out. So below is some tasty pictures of our model, it's a shame Hachette couldn't provide picture's or information on the model this part-works is based on.

If Hachette is reading this maybe you could provide some top quality pictures of the model our money is paying for, only fair isn't it? It would also go along way to show their commitment to the next 3 years.

Are we going to get what we see on these pictures? only time will tell but we can  make them as we go, so best to keep your feet firmly on the ground and not to expect 100% of what you see in the pictures, close would be good, but I doubt it.And to finish this post off here are the parts for Issue 2, heading towards the stern, on sale Wednesday 7th September.

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