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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Warship Pictorial #20 H.M.S Hood

I managed to get hold of a copy a few week back but was unable to get anything on the blog about it until now, all I can say is beg, borrow or steal a copy, the quality of the pictures are just superb, big enough to gain detail for reference to the model making. The information on the inside page shows it was printed in the USA in 2003, so I reckon if you search you still will be able to get a copy, maybe a bit pricey but well worth it.

Right from the word go it has some very rare picture of her at the early stages at John Brown shipyard, page 9 has in my opinion an amazing picture showing a full hull shot (this must of been taken some distance away) but on the left of the picture it shows a 3 story building...this alone you can gauge the size of Hood.

 Again the close up pictures of the stern area showing the massive rudders and propellers are invaluable.

Thomas Schmid's great renders cover 8 pages, these have been updated in other books. There are lots of pictures from the 1924-24 Empire Cruise, some of which are some great aerial shots. The book moves onto the 1930's showing the full flair of the Hood in the Silver Jubilee of 1935 to the dry docks after her bust up with HMS Renown.

The last few pages shows some great on-board close up shots of the various guns and "UP" mounts (Unrotated Projectile) To read another short review go to, the picture are taken from this web site and not my scans.

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