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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hood Build - Week 3

Now where getting into the weekly issues things will hopefully start to get bigger, at the moment the frames are pretty much the same as before so nothing to worry about there, a few things I've noticed in this Issue (3) but again if you stick with dry fitting you can't really go wrong, and it does help to have someone build in front, so you can see what mistakes (if any) are made or pointers to be aware of.

All parts carefully cut out and sanded, parts marked up (centre lines ect)

Part 10 just laid down, nothing is glued or screwed onto base board yet.
These frames have been done before and by now its much the same, still take care, and don't forget to keep part K from the first Issue, it's used again here when adding 8/b.

Frame 8 all marked up and dry fitted, part 8/b should face towards the Stern (see pic below)
Beams just laid across to hold in place (not glued)
Laid over the plans again, this time I've moved the model towards the bow, I can start to see where the frames lay over the plans, I'm starting to see the true size.

Interesting why we have frames 2, 3, 4, 5 and then 8 and 9??? where did 6, 7, and 8 go?

Ok, so this is just a test run for a new picture box with some text, I just wanted to add this to see what you think.

Roll on Issue 4 on Wednesday 

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