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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

R.T Grogan's Iron Duke, Repulse & Hood

Interesting these 2 wonderful shots were mistaken for HMS Hood!!! 

Click below to see more great actual colour film stills.

The above 2 pictures have been slightly adjusted in Photoshop to take away the yellow and blue tints that appeared in the film and also to brighten them.

What a majestic sight this is, you can see from this quarterdeck view how massive she really was.


  1. was getting worried lol , gives me time to catch up a bit , those metal gun barrels have made hell of a difference cheers colin

  2. hi louis...dont get worried mate..real life can be a pain sometimes..ha ha

    1. wow i can relax lol good luck with the workshop

  3. Pretty much the same reasons why my build has stalled also. Sadly life gets in the way too much.

    Take your time Colin, most of us are patient (with one exception).


  4. Hi Colin,
    Just noticed your up date ! hope every thing goes well with your new workshop
    catch you later.

  5. I'm hoping as Im sure most of you all are that in the next few weeks we get the chance to continue building the superstructure let alone the hull it shed/workshop is coming along nicely..finished the bench framing, electric and lighting fitted..and some heating installed. I am keen as mustard to finish/start the big guns and pom-poms but again im just being patient, I've still got HMS Victory and HMS Bounty to work on so it's not as if I'm bored..:)

  6. Issue 61 contains plastic (ABS) 4in twin gun mounts plus some P/E...look at it this way...there wont be anymore guns left to do soon so they will have to start on the superstructure/hull sooner or later.

  7. Hi Colin, thanks for heads up on the guns, have a "K" oops wrong forum LOL
    crack on with your workshop, where do you find the time ?
    Cheers Kim.