Friday, 31 May 2013

B/W to Colour

Something of a passing hobby of mine is to colourize B/W pictures, nothing serious and certainly not earning money out of it. I enjoy doing it, there far from perfect but what they do is bring to life that majestic ship.

I don't own the copyright and have tried to contact those owners, please contact me, but remember who coloured them :)


Malta 1938

This one took some time as you can imagine, colouring people is not my strongest point.

Click below to see more of my colourization work, if your interested in having some work done feel free to contact me.

Below are some pictures I've completed so far, I've tried to contact the owners but have not had much success, if you do own these picture please contact me so I can credit you.

This one was from Wikipedia and as such it was copyright free, so I used this for my blog and it is printed out and in my front room, I liked this one as its the closest to my great grandfather's time on the ship, taken in early  1924.

I liked the power of this picture, it been used so many time in magazine and books and I thought how would this look in colour, well there you have it.

A real favourite picture of mine here, again its from the World Cruise of 1924 and as far as I can make out its from Australia, if not then my apologies. I tried to keep the colour very pastel like to not overdo it.

I have another hopefully on the go and again from 1924 era.


  1. Hi. Any idea when you'll be carrying on with the build?

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment, I have not given up, unfortunately the company (Hatchette) have in their wisdom supplied small deck parts up till now and as such finishing the hull would become a problem due to turn the model upside down, I have decided to wait until the hull parts (prop and rudder ect) have been supplied, this may be right at the end, I will have to live with that, but saying that I will probably start make the smaller parts as separate little models. I will be making a post before the new year to discuss this..sorry for the delay.Colin

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