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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hood Build - Week 8

Issue 8 continues adding more parts to the main structure of the bow section, but to start with I want a moan, hopefully Hachette listens to customer complaints/suggestions, I'll add this as a suggestion. I'm sure a company as big as Hachette can afford to add a new front cover picture to the magazine each week as opposed to recycling the same old one every 4 issues. Issues 8 front cover was used on the front cover of Issue 4, nice thought they are maybe a customer suggestions is to do as DeAgostini have done to the HMS Victory magazine and show various angles of the model itself, or at least buy some more. Issue 9 front cover has also been Issues 1 & 5.
Another complaint regarding the instruction, good as they are but steps 1 to 6 are repeated in steps 7 to 12, the same procedure just the other side of the ship, surely it would be much simpler if you put 'repeat on other-side' My opinions are not casting any shadow over this build, in fact I'm enjoying it, the articles, small as they are, are very good, so don't misunderstand my moaning.

Once again no numbers on the fret ply but it's pretty easy to just add these from the magazine.

Cut and sanded parts ready for dry fitting.

Part 31a dry fitted.

Part 31b again dry fitted. Repeat on the other side of the hull.

Just a little tip, before taking the dry fitted part out just mark up with a pencil the areas your going to add glue to, this way you wont fail to miss any areas that need glueing

Adding the first parts 31a and 30a together keep the structure nice and square, you don't have to deviate from the magazine instructions, I just felt it a better way. Use some strong clamps to hold until the glue sets.

Again I have ignored the magazine instructions and added both 31b and 30b along with the deck supports 30c and 31c all at the same time, the latter helps secure everything in place.

Now onto parts 26a, 2 support panels, I've not glued these in place yet as the images below will show, I'm a bit unsure how they need to be lined up against the hull so for the sake of a few weeks it's is better not to glue right now.

This is what I mean, look at the main picture compared to the inset picture, either flush or slightly further back? if anyone would like to suggest which way, the magazine doesn't really show it clearly for my liking.

Another basic build this week, which is good as I'm sure as each week progress it will be more of a challenge, next weeks Issue show more stern parts added.

A series of pictures showing where I think we are right now compared to the scale plans. I'm aware these may not be in the correct position but I thought it was worthy of a few pics.

I reckon next weeks parts will add more to this stern area and give us more of an idea how the model matches up with the plans.

So really that's it for another week, roll on Wednesday and Issue 9, and fingers crossed for all those subscribing and still awaiting their issue.

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