Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hood Build - Week 18

The first Issue of 2012 bring us more superstructure or as the magazine would have it 'Wall Piece', come on Hachette!!! give us more than that, I'm lucky in that I have many superb reference's books to guide me in where and what these parts are, I'm no expert but it would be nice if Hachette could at least do their homework and go further than the vague description of the parts up till now. Anyway onwards with the build.

10 parts supplied, all but 2 called 'wall piece'..not very helpful, so I've added below what and where these parts are on the ship, remember I'm no expert so there maybe mistakes.

Following the magazine's instruction and gluing part 62 (aft forecastle deck), notice the red arrows, be aware not to add any glue as this will permanently stick the deck down.

A little weight and a few hours later.....

Instruction 3 tells us to bevel the long parts 78 and 79 to 45 degrees, this buts up to part 68 (the Admiral's dinning room), well see the picture and tell me if that's 45 degrees?

..more like 60 degrees, at least that's what I used, I bevelled both parts to this measurement and they butt up real nice.

The usual set square to make sure all is square and level.

The use of these callipers help in making sure both ends of these walls are the same distance aparts, I like to double check everything.

Adding part 81, I'm taking a guess ( a pretty good one) that the gaps on either side will be filled with a square block to represent 3 Engine Room Vents, if not then I'll add them (unglued)

Now to work on step 8, I wanted to make sure as this was not glued to the deck yet that it will be 100% square, so marking the two longer pieces on the decking it at least gives me a good guide.

Dry fitted first.

The two smaller ends parts 84 and 85 are glued to parts 82 and 83, try not to get glue anywhere near the deck.

The guides added, leave to dry for some time as you will need to take this off and sand the edges to match the guides, I decided to add some scrap wood to strengthen the structure.

Taking the whole decking off to make sure no glue had got to places that would prevent this from coming away.

Far easier to use my dremel as it didn't put to much pressure on the structure. Notice the scrap wood inside to strengthen the part.

I wont be gluing this structure to the deck just yet, I;d rather have my options open for a while, there will be another one like this in a future Issue, there is Boiler Room Vents that pass between these 2 structure's, in the middle of them is the Funnel Hatch.

And here we have the 'wall piece's', a proper description I think? Page 24 of the brilliant Bruce Taylor book shows a great plan of this deck.

A crew member showing the scale....nice!

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