Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hood Build - Week 20 (Scratch)

A small deviation from the official build, I didnt get Issue 20 last week, a cock up with my newsagent, he then tells me it could take 3 to 4 weeks..just brilliant eh!, so I decided to build my own deck featured in this issue, using my plans and some wood of similar thickness.
If and when this issue comes in then I'll updated this post with the correct parts..IF and only if it comes before the hull planking come into contact with the deck area and I have to make a choice of either waiting or continuing.

Planking starts at Issue 22. You may notice a new smaller Issue banner (above), I'm trying to freshen things up a little, there is no need I think to have such a large image to show what's in each Issue and especially with on some occasions the issues only have small amounts of wood and or work to do. So let's see how I get on with this new banner.

Starting with the plans I've marked where the frames are, at least that was the idea, I forgot to take into account the 5mm thickness..oh well, live and learn eh!

Using tracing paper I drew the area needed and this time laid it over the model to get the positions of the frames..all a bit hit and miss but at least I can see my limitations and other ways around this problem.

I transferred the drawing to the ply wood, the thickness of the supplied wood in the magazine is 4mm, I only had 3mm at hand, the grain on this scrape of wood is going in the right direction to be able to achieve the correct sheer at the bow. (Sheer - The upward curve or amount of upward curve of the longitudinal lines of a ship's hull as viewed from the side.)

All I did was to lay the deck over the model and mark the frames, all a bit hit and miss again but I think a good test of what can be achieved with just the plans.

As you can see I missed the tab at the far end of the stern, so I've added a small piece of wood beneath to lift the deck to the same level. The deck does overhang on all edges of the frame, I'll leave this for now along with the other deck parts that overhang...we need to see how the planking will butt up-to the decking area and decide if the deck will rest inside the planking or on top. (more of that later)

You can see the small bit of wood beneath that lifts the deck to give a nice sheer. Nothing is glued and nothing is finally here, I may hang on and wait for Issue 20 or re-do this attempt at the deck.

I've looked at how the Bismarck model was built and I can see the final decking will be laid across these false deck's (false deck used only as a base and will not be seen, hence the wood used is not an issue) so as the wood I've used is 1mm to thin, I will probably lift this by adding some packing on the frames to lift the deck. I will not be sailing this ship (R/C) but will keep the removable decking available right up to the point where I need to make a decision.


  1. Where did you get those plans from?

  2. Hi RJM, they are on the back side of the dust cover to the book Anatomy of a ship, I just enlarged it to the correct scale, for my own purpose and not really needed for this build, I'm sure there will be a 1/200 scale plan available at some stage in this partworks.